Lactate threshold assessment failed

If you had an error or issue with completing or getting your lactate threshold assessment test, the first thing to do is identify what went wrong, to determine if it can be fixed, or needs to be retried.

These issues are not recoverable:

  • BSXinsight battery ran out before test completion.
  • Assessment too short (needs 7+ stages, don't start too high of an intensity)
  • Protocol not followed (you must follow the stages at the correct intensities and timing, while keeping steady and not stopping)
  • Bad reading (not using the light-blocking sleeve, with it correctly positioned on the calf)

We *may* be able to recover it, IF:

You had an internet issue at the end when your phone attempts to sync with the server and calculate the results, this may be able to be recovered. If you did between 8-12 stages and completed the test, the data is still saved on your BSXinsight (8-10 is optimal). You just need to dock and sync it, using the desktop app. Then contact us to take a look and see if we can reprocess it.



  • Answer the questions accurately, so you are started at the appropriate stage
  • Wear and connect a heart rate monitor to your BSXinsight
  • Don't stop or rest. Runners, don't lean on the treadmill, Cyclists, keep your power/cadence stable
  • Have a stable and fast internet connection
  • Put your light-blocking sleeve on correctly, over the large part of your calf, with the top of the sleeve just below the crease behind your knee.
  • The athlete MUST follow very closely the power / cadence requirements that the mobile app displays. This is critically important. I recommend that coaches stand with their athletes during the entire test and inform the athlete when they are going too slow or too fast.
  • Don't move the phone away from the insight device until the test is complete and you see results on the phone.  The mobile app must connect to BOTH the insight device (to get the data) and the internet (to push the data to our server) in order to give you a result.  Again, always make sure the insight device remains close to the mobile phone / tablet; don't let the athlete move away from the treadmill / trainer until the app has completed sending the data to the server and the app then takes you to the results page.
  • Multiple devices could be attempting to control the power / cadence during your test which is hence competing with insight. When we give tests, we turn off all devices except for insight, HR mon, power / cadence, and the mobile device.
  • Always dock your insight device to the cradle after a test.  On your laptop, open the insight desktop app, log in to it (very important) and then put your insight device into the cradle in order to ensure that all data from your test is sent to our servers.  

For those who open their assessment in the dashboard and want to download it, remember, you must first dock and sync your BSXinsight

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