Connecting BSXinsight to a watch or head unit

BSXinsight + ANT+ head unit, computer, or watch (Gen 2)

*What's Needed*

  • Your phone app installed and connected to your BSXinsight.
  • A watch, head unit, or computer that can read ANT+ via the MO2, SPD/CAD, or Footpod channel
  • A started activity (the BSXinsight can be detected and connected to once it's broadcasting, which happens when an activity is started via the BSXinsight app)

1) Ensure you have an activity started, which, for a daily activity will look like this:

2) Enable the data profile you want to connect through, then search & connect, if it doesn't automatically:

Then simply search for a new device, while holding it close to your BSXinsight. Once it's been connected, it should find it automatically next time, as soon as your activity is started and the BSXinsight is broadcasting:


It's basically the same for watches. We'll use the Garmin 920XT for example.


-The 920XT's recent firmware causes a run activity, on the watch, to show as double SmO2 in live-data.

-It doesn't matter which mode you are in. You can connect the BSXinsight as both a Foot Pod as well as SPD/CAD. When you go into run mode with the watch, cadence is pulled from the foot pod. When you go into cycling mode, cadence is pulled from SPD/CAD


-ALWAYS hold the BSXinsight close to the ANT+ device when connecting.


1) Through any mode (run, cycling, ect) go into



Sensors and Accessories:


Add New:



"Search All", or, "Speed and Cadence":


Select the found SPD/CAD sensor (will show under "cadence" when cycling):


Now, again, go to "Add New"


This time add "Foot Pod" (will show under "cadence" when running):


Select the found sensor to add:



2) If you want to display your live SmO2, go to

Menu->Activity Settings


"Data Screens":


Select the screen:


Select the field (1, 2, or 3):


Now it will display live SmO2!

*NOTE* as said above, Garmin's 920XT and some newer devices and firmware will double cadence in running mode. Once devices are released with the MO2 profile, this work-around will not be necessary.



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