Connecting BSXinsight to a phone

BSXinsight is compatible with newer models of both iPhone and Android, as well as IOS and Android tablets. The device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0+, also known as "Smart Bluetooth", "Bluetooth low energy", and/or "BLE".

1) Install the "BSXinsight" app on your phone, or tablet:

For iPhone/IOS  4S and newer, running iOS 7.1+ and/or iPad3+

To determine what version of iOS you are running go to Settings | General | About and look for the section titled ‘version.’ If you are running an older version than 7.1 you will need to first update. IOS APP IS HERE

For Android this includes almost any model with BLE antenna, running Android 4.4 and higher. ANDROID APP IS HERE


2) Once the BSXinsight app is launched on your mobile device and you've logged in (must have created an account on, you select your activity by either running or cycling, and assessment or daily workout, you will then come to this screen:

*NOTE* If you're in running mode, "Power" will be replaced with "Foot Pod"

First, ensure your BSXinsight is charged, undocked, and you "wake" it (green LED). It's good to know the meaning behind the LED colors:

  • Green = Waked & ready to connect to BSXinsight app on phone
  • Blue (if undocked) = Connected to phone via app/BLE. Not broadcasting ANT+
  • No LED Color = Sleep mode, or currently recording & broadcasting data (activity started via phone app)
  • Purple = Boot loader mode, during a firmware update
  • Red = BSXinsight resetting
  • Flashing Red LEDs in Back = Activity started via phone app and BSXinsight is collecting, recording, and broadcasting data.

2) Again, make sure the LED is green (undocked), meaning it's ready to connect. If it's blank, you can wake it by docking/undocking it quickly, or holding it in one hand and tapping it with your finger nail from the other hand a few times.

3) Once the BSXinsight LED is green, hold the BSXinsight near the phone and tap the red "!" in your app, with your finger. When you tap it, you will see it attempting to connect:

4) Once connected, the LED should be a solid blue. You will need to connect the additional devices listed on screen if doing an assessment. If doing a daily workout, it's not required you connect the other devices, however, if you do, the app will show live data from those devices as well as graph them in the app and desktop dashboard.


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