Connecting a heart rate monitor to BSXinsight

BSXinsight (all versions and editions) can connect to any heart rate monitor that broadcasts via ANT+

For assessments, this is required, for daily workouts, you can connect and the BSXinsight will record heart rate data that can be viewed in real-time on the app, as well as graphs on the phone app and computer dashboard which can be downloaded.

To connect your heart rate monitor to your BSXinsight, you must first have the phone app open, and the BSXinsight connected to your phone, which looks like this in cycling mode, and "Power" is replaced with "Foot Pod" in run mode:


 -Make sure your heart rate monitor, you wish to connect, is turned on, and held close to the BSXinsight. Tap the "Heart Rate" bar with your finger to connect. By default, it will begin searching for the last connected device, in order to quickly connect:

*NOTE* If you're wanting to connect to a NEW sensor, instead of the last one you connected to, just put your finger on the search bar and hold, as it's searching until it says "Searching for New Devices":


Once connected, it will looks like this:


If you are still having difficulty connecting to BSXinsight, try completely closing the app and opening it again.

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