How do I restart my BSXinsight?

If your BSXinsight goes unresponsive and is no longer able to be seen by your mobile phone, it may require either 1) being docked in the charging cradle or 2) a reset.

First try placing the device in a connected charging cradle. This turns BSXinsight off and then on and will frequently fix the problem. Doing so will not clear any data on the device.

If you are still experiencing problems, a reset may be required.

Caution: Resetting your BSXinsight will perform a hard reset that could clear unsynced training data on your device. Make sure you have tried all other steps before resetting and that there is no un-synced data on your device.

BSXinsight can be reset with a strong magnet. Wave the magnet behind your BSXinsight, on the back of where your LED indicator is.


Once activated, you will notice the status LED on the top side of the device go through a sequence of color flashes, starting with red. Wait for this sequence to complete before attempting to connect.

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