How often should I repeat my lactate threshold assessment?

Lactate threshold assessments with BSXinsight are meant to be done once per sport every 6-8 weeks. Since lactate threshold is a performance benchmarking tool, we do not recommend completing with higher frequency than this.

This recommendation is based on the science of human physiology. Put simply, it takes time for your body’s systems to adapt to new workloads and improve in a measurable way. Years of research has shown this takes somewhere around 1-2 months, so more frequent testing is unlikely to produce significantly different results.

Waiting longer than 6-8 weeks is also not recommended to prevent training with outdated zone data. Part of the power of BSXinsight is the ability to regularly measure and track your fitness improvements so you’re always training at optimal levels.

Be careful to spread out each lactate threshold assessment so you’re fully rested before each. Being fatigued from a previous workout can reduce the accuracy of your results.

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