What is BSXinsight and how does it work?


Monitor Your Muscle Oxygen:

BSXinsight is a wearable device that looks inside your muscles to read, report, and record real-time muscle oxygen levels and data. This information is believed by many to be the future metric for effort, fatigue, recovery, and fitness level.

You can view your real-time muscle oxygen levels by wearing the BSXinsight and connecting it to many different compatible ANT+ fitness tracking watches and computers. You can also view it on our IOS and Android apps.

Find Your Lactate Threshold:

BSXinsight can also perform assessment tests, which will accurately determine your lactate threshold (lt1, lt2) and identify your zones for those who use them for training or to monitor fitness levels. Traditionally, this has been something only very high level athletes did and required a lab and blood test.

The accuracy has been validated by many, and most recently in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

It uses scientific-grade LEDs to track the energy systems in your muscles, allowing you to make smart, real-time changes to your training. BSXinsight is the new gold standard, quantifying every aspect of your endurance fitness - from your current fitness capacity (lactate threshold) to your real-time effort level via muscle oxygenation.


BSXinsight uses special LED lights which shine in the near infrared spectrum to continuously measure muscle oxygenation saturation changes (aka SmO₂) in athletes while they train. These highly specific wavelengths of light allow BSXinsight to precisely measure real-time dynamic changes in hemoglobin and myoglobin as it’s delivered to the exercising muscle. As these oxygen carrying molecules switch from an oxygenated to a deoxygenated state their physical properties change in a measurable way that produce actual color changes. This is a well-documented and frequently utilized method in clinical medicine.

The research team at BSX Laboratories has innovated on this gold-standard technology by discovering the relationship between muscle oxygen saturation changes and lactic acid concentration dynamics. Through this patented technology BSXinsight uses a surrogate approach to noninvasively measure lactate threshold.

Medical professionals use surrogate markers all the time to measure important biologic events that they otherwise couldn’t quantify.  For example, when a physician wants to know how the kidney is functioning they measure creatinine instead; when they want to assess liver health and/or toxicity they look at the transaminases.  Through our highly accurate patented technologies, BSXinsight uses the same approach and scientific rigor a physician would use, allowing athletes to measure for the first time ever their own lactate threshold.

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