Quick setup guide

1- Place your BSXinsight in the docking station and plug it into your computer's USB port. It will flash blue as it charges and be solid blue once fully charged. % reading in desktop app may not be accurate.

2- Download and install the computer app for Windows or Mac

3- Set up a free account (if you haven't) at BSXinsight.com/login

  • *If you don't have an account, click the register link, next to "login"
  • *If you signed up with Facebook, go to "Settings" at the top of bsxinsight.com and add/change your password

4- Download and install the phone/tablet app for Android or IOS/iPhone

5- Sign in to your mobile app using the SAME login/PW from your BSXinsight.com account.

DONE! Now you're all set up. Just let your BSXinsight charge and you can connect devices and start an activity. See:

BSXinsight Connections

Do A Daily Workout With Muscle Oxygen

Take A Lactate Threshold Assessment



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