Proper use and care

BSXinsight sensor

  • Your BSXinsight should be regularly cleaned, especially after being exposed to substances like soaps, oils, lotions, and excessive sweating which can damage the sensor plastic.
  • To clean your sensor, do not use household cleansers. Instead, use a soapless cleanser (like Cetaphil or Aquanil), rinse well, and dry it off with a soft towel.
  • For tough spots or stains, scrub with a wet soft-bristled toothbrush, and then follow the steps above.

Calf compression sleeve
The BSX calf sleeve is much like any soft compression fabric. In order to keep it at best performance for the longest period of time, it must be cleaned. Not washing it on a consistent basis can cause sweat and salt to build up and reduce the life of the fabric.

For machine washing:

  • Remove the BSXinsight sensor from the calf sleeve pocket before washing
  • Place the calf sleeve in the washing machine with a regular load of laundry
  • Run the washing machine on normal cycle with cold or warm water
  • Use only a small amount of mild detergents, without color fasteners, softener or bleach

To prolong the life of the calf sleeve, follow the recommended suggestions:

  • Lay the calf sleeve flat to dry and never use a dryer
  • Store lying flat, avoiding bending or rolling tightly
  • Keep out of sun for long periods of time
  • Wash at least every 7 uses
  • Do not allow chemicals (including sunscreen, bleach, ammonia, mosquito repellent) to contact the sleeve
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