Website dashboard guide

To access the website dashboard, go to and log in. You will then see the dashboard link at the top of the page:

After opening your dashboard, you will have sections that support the type of BSXinsight you have.

Running Edition has run assessments and daily run workouts

Cycling Edition has cycling assessments and daily cycling workouts

Multisport Edition has all of the above sections, like the pic below:

Selecting any of these sections will take you to your activities and results associatedwith that activity type.



If you go to cycling Endurance tests, you will see the history of the lactate threshold assessments you've done:


Notice, you can click on any of the assessments at the top, and below, see the details for that assessment, showing your zones. You can also click on "Aerobic Effort" and "Anaerobic Effort" to get the details specific to each of those.

In addition, below that, you have the option to download your CSV file, which has your 1 second timestamp data, or delete the assessment. 

If your "Download Data" button is not clickable (like the one above) you need to dock and sync your BSXinsight first.



Clicking on the daily workouts, you will get a list of the activities you've performed. 

Clicking on any specific activity in the left menu opens up the details of that activity.

Just like the assessments, above, you can download the 1 second raw CSV, or delete the workout.

But with daily workouts, you can also compare them. If you're using more than 1 BSXinsight on different muscles, or have 2 similar workouts you want to compare, just click the "Compare" button in the top right:


After clicking it, it will use the workout you're currently selected on, and let you select additional ones (up to 5 total) to compare their SmO2 graph:

You simply click the + to add them to the comparison. It will show up on the graphs, like this:

If you want to remove one or more of them from the comparison, just click the X next to the workout on the list, or you can "clear all"

When finished, click "DONE" in the upper right.

You can also rename each activity. Open the activity, by clicking on it on the left, and click on the name at the top:


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