How to do a lactate threshold test

An assessment test to find your lactate threshold and zones takes about 30 minutes.

It is recommended you be rested and not participated in any significant, high intensity, or long-duration exercise in the previous 48 hours to a test.

Cycling test needs:

  • Cycling trainer with power (required)
  • Mobile device with BSXinsight app and stable internet connection (required)
  • Heart rate monitor (recommended)

Run test needs:

  • Treadmill with precise, adjustable speed (required)
  • Mobile device with BSXinsight app and stable internet connection (required)
  • Heart rate monitor (recommended)

 Before beginning an activity, make sure your BSXinsight is charged and you have completed the quick setup guide

Open your mobile app, and choose run or cycle mode, for the test you want to run (if using a multisport device)


Choose "Endurance Test" on the left, like in this example on the cycling dashboard (same for running):


You will then be given some tips which you can read through on screen, or click "skip" which will take you to the information screen.

The info screen is important to get an idea of where to start you out. The initial stages are supposed to be pretty easy, and every 3 minutes, the difficulty increases. If you start at too high or low of a stage, it can throw off the accuracy. You want it to be close to 8-10 stages.

The info screen for cycling:

The info screen for running:


Next you will review the stages decided for your test.

Cycling stages:

Running stages:


The final step is connecting your BSXinsight to the app and ANT+ devices. This is what the screen looks like, as the example of cycling (for running, power is replaced with foot pod):

Please refer to our connection section in order to connect your ANT+ devices.

First, you want to connect the BSXinsight to your phone (if it's not a green check)

Next, you have the option of connecting a ANT+ heart rate monitor

3rd, depending on if it's a run test, or a cycling test:

Connect a power meter

Connect a foot pod

Once everything is connected, it will look like this (cycling example):

*NOTE* is cycling is using KICKR, it will say "KICKR" and the app can control the power settings. You just start it and hold your cadence until done.

Once you start your test, the app will tell you:

RUNNING: What pace to set the treadmill at

CYCLING: What power to set the trainer at

This will change every 3 minutes, to get progressively more difficult. At each 3 minute mark, you need to readjust the treadmill or trainer pace/power. It's important that you stick to the protocol, not stop, take breaks, and, for cycling, keep your cadence steady so power is flat.


Here's what the screen will look like on the app during the assessment. This example is cycling, for running, the center will show stage and pace:


You need at least 7 stages and optimal is 8-10 stages. Some people may want to do a light warmup before starting.

At the end, make sure you have a solid internet connection. The app will talk with the server to calculate your results. The results come as power and heart rate (cycling) and pace and heart rate (running). Here's an example of the results from a running assessment:


You then want to dock and sync your BSXinsight with your desktop app to get all of the data on your computer dashboard for more details as well as be able to download the raw file.



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