How can I get consistent muscle oxygenation readings?

BSXInsight provides athletes with real-time muscle oxygenation (SmO2) monitoring. It reports the balance between oxygen delivery and consumption in the muscle directly below the sensor (see how it works). The position of the device and the way its used is critical to ensure consistent result. Below are proven guidelines to provide the best experience and overall accuracy of muscle oxygenation measurements.


  • Always wear BSXinsight on the same calf.


  • Position BSXinsight over the largest part of the calf muscle, with the sleeve right below the bend in your knee. The calf curvature can prevent the sleeve from slipping down during intense physical activity.
  • Always start data recording in the same physiological state (e.g. at rest). Even a warm-up a few minutes before data collection can significantly alter your response.
  • To produce repeatable SmO2 profiles, adhere to the same exercise protocol. The device is capable of detecting even small changes in timing or intensity from a given protocol.

Figure 1: Photo showing correct placement of BSXInsight, with the compression sleeve worn high in the calf, right below the bend in the knee.

More information.

BSXInsight 2.0 User Manual. Austin, TX: BSX Athletics.

How repeatable are BSXInsight SmO2 measurements?


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