Battery guide

The Battery:

BSXinsight comes with an internal, non-replaceable, Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.


Battery Life:

Your BSXinsight comes with intelligent power optimization systems that put it in a low power state when not in use. You can expect up to a 10 hour run time for Gen 2 BSXinsight (5 hrs for Gen 1).

When not in use, BSXinsight never fully turns off. If left sitting, the battery will run down in ~4 days. If planning an activity, be sure to charge it up within a day of the activity.

We recommend leaving BSXinsight on the charging cradle until you’re ready to use it. Frequent charging, accompanied by not allowing your battery to completely drain will help increase the life of your device.



Your BSXinsight is charged in the included docking station by plugging it into a USB port on your computer, or USB charging station.

CHARGE TIME - Charging can take up to 2hrs

CHARGING - Blue LED will flash

CHARGED - Blue LED solid

*If you undock and re-dock a fully charged BSXinsight, it will begin flashing again for up to 15 minutes while monitoring it before confirming it's a full charge.


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