How to do a workout with live muscle oxygenation

Before beginning an activity, make sure your BSXinsight is charged and you have completed the quick setup guide (link)

*NOTE* For a daily workout, your BSXinsight will monitor and broadcast your muscle oxygen numbers in real-time (ANT+), as well as record them to the BSXinsight to be synced later and used in your dashboard or elsewhere.


To start, select "Daily Workout" at the top menu, after choosing running or cycling (if you have a multisport), then tap "Start Cycle/Run Workout":


Next, you'll see the connections screen.

For cycling, you will have heart rate and power, for running, you will have heart rate and foot pod, here's an example, using cycling:



Please refer to our connection section (links below). At this point the only requirement is that your BSXinsight is connected to your phone:

Connect the BSXinsight to your phone 

You can also connect other ANT+ devices that will show on the BSXinsight app and record to your BSXinsight for review later on the dashboard:

Connect a ANT+ heart rate monitor

Connect a power meter

Connect a foot pod

Once everything is connected, it will look like this cycling activity example:


Now, just click "Next" and you're ready to start! Your BSXinsight is not yet broadcasting and won't be seen by your watch of head unit, until started. 


Once started, there will be a few seconds of testing to understand your tissue profile, then it will begin showing live SmO2 (muscle oxygenation) in the middle of the screen and look like this:

BSXinsight is now recording and broadcasting (ANT+). If you want to connect to a watch, or cycling computer to see it live, you now can. Just follow the connection guide:

Connecting to a Watch or Head Unit (link)

You no longer require the phone being present and can do your workout. Once finished, push and hold the pause button to end and save the workout. You can also dock your BSXinsight to instantly stop the activity.

Now it will transfer 15 second data for the summary graph and give you the option to save the workout:


After the daily workout is finished, if it's stopped and saved with the mobile app, the results will look like this (cycling interval workout example):


You will also see the 15 second graphing on your computer dashboard, once the phone syncs with the server. However, if you want to add the complete, 1-second, full data, that you can download, you will need to dock and sync your BSXinsight

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