Connecting BSXinsight to Wahoo ELEMNT

The Wahoo ELEMNT is a cycling computer can record & show live muscle oxygen and tHb from your BSXinsight. It also can start/stop the BSXinsight when you start/stop an activity on the ELEMNT (no need of phone app).

What's needed:

  1. BSXinsight muscle oxygen sensor
  2. Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer


  • -Be sure your BSXinsight has a charged battery
  • -The ELEMNT either needs WIFI turned off, or WIFI not active (showing wifi bars at top) when connecting new devices

1) Turn your Wahoo ELEMNT on, and let it fully boot up.


2) Push the top left button on your ELEMNT to go into the menu.


3) Use the lower 2 right buttons on your ELEMNT to navigate so "ADD SENSOR" is highlighted.

4) Tap to "wake" your BSXinsight so the green LED is on (not in dock and not actively connected to phone, if blue, kill phone app).


5) Push the middle button, of the bottom three, below "ADD" on your Wahoo ELEMNT.


6) Hold your ELEMNT and BSXinsight close together while it searches.


7) When it finds and gives you the option to save your muscle oxygen sensor, push the middle of three bottom buttons, below "SAVE".
*if the option doesn't pop up, you may need to click "MORE" to go to found sensors. It may be under "OTHER"

8) Now you should see your BSXinsight listed under "SENSORS" with a signal (unless it goes to sleep, in which case you can "wake" it again (step 4)).

Adding your other sensors works the same way (heart rate monitor, power meter, speed sensor, ect). Once you're finished adding sensors, push the top left button again to return to the main screen, where you can begin an activity.



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