Connecting BSXinsight to Garmin Edge 520

The Garmin Edge 520 is a cycling computer that can show live muscle oxygen and tHb from your BSXinsight. To do this, it requires using Connect IQ.

*note*: Connect IQ does not currently have recording capabilities

What's needed:

    • BSXinsight muscle oxygen sensor
    • Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer
    • PC/Mac computer
    • Micro USB



  • Plug your Edge 520 into your computer using a micro USB cable



  • Seach for "BSX" and click the BSXinsight app:


  • Click "Download"


  • "Accept" the terms


  • Choose the device


  • Open up Garmin Express and click "Manage Apps" in the Connect IQ section (also check for an update):


  • Click "send to device" and sync it.


Once it's synced and confirmed, you just need to set the fields up on your Garmin Edge 520.

Unplug your Garmin Edge 520 from your computer and let it start up.


Once on the start screen, the buttons you need, that we'll be referring to are:

    • Up button
    • Down button
    • Select button
    • Back button


  • Click Down


This takes you to the menu. From here, use Down to highlight then select "Settings"



Now go with the first option, already highlighted, "Activity Profiles" and click select



Choose the profile(s) you want to add muscle oxygen fields to, highlight them and select. We'll use "Train" this time



Select "Data Screens"



Choose the screen you want to add muscle oxygen to. We'll use Screen 1 here



Now select which field you want to replace with muscle oxygen, for example, we will use "Distance", just select it



You will see a list of metrics you can put in place of "distance", for muscle oxygen, select "Connect IQ"



Here you'll find BSXinsight, as well as other options, if you have more Connect IQ apps. Select BSXinsight



If you click back, you should see "Distance" replaced with "BSXinsight"



Once you're back at the data screen, there is % (SmO2%) and tHb



If your BSXinsight is active (recording/reading/transmitting), the data will show up here in real-time.













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