Connecting BSXinsight to Garmin Edge 1000

The Garmin Edge 1000 is a cycling computer that can show live muscle oxygen and tHb from your BSXinsight. To do this, it requires using Connect IQ.

*note*: Connect IQ does not currently have recording capabilities

What's needed:

    • BSXinsight muscle oxygen sensor
    • Garmin Edge 1000 cycling computer
    • PC/Mac computer
    • Micro USB



  • Plug your Edge 1000 into your computer using a micro USB cable



  • Seach for "BSX" and click the BSXinsight app:


  • Click "Download"


  • "Accept" the terms


  • Choose the device


  • Open up Garmin Express and click "Manage Apps" in the Connect IQ section (also check for an update):

  • Click "send to device" and sync it.



Once it's synced and confirmed, you just need to set the fields up on your Garmin Edge 1000.

Unplug and turn on your Edge 1000

Tap the settings

Tap "Activity Profiles"

Choose and Tap the Profile, here we'll use "Train"

Tap "Data Screens"

Here, the screens that don't say "Off" are screens you can scroll through during an activity. Choose the one you want to add muscle oxygen to and tap it. We'll use Screen 1

Confirm the number of data fields you want to show on this screen. Here you see there are 5, you can click "+" or "-" to add or remove additional data fields. More fields reduces the size and makes it harder to see. Once you're done, tap the check mark in the lower right to confirm

Now tap your finger on the field you want to replace with muscle oxygen, for the guide, we selected "Distance"

You're now taken to the optional fields to replace "Distance" with. For muscle oxygen, choose "Connect IQ"

Now you will see "BSXinsight" which you can tap to replace the Distance field with muscle oxygen.

Tap "BSXinsight"

It will now search for the BSXinsight device

Make sure you tap to wake your BSXinsight.


The Green of blue LED needs to be showing. Also, you must have the latest firmware on your BSXinsight. Hold the devices close together so the Edge 1000 will see the BSXinsight

Once found, it will add the fields. % is for muscle oxygen (SmO2%) and tHb is total hemoglobin concentration

Now you can back out of the settings and when you start an activity under "Train", you will see live muscle oxygen data, provided the BSXinsight is on and actively reading/transmitting







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