Problems connecting to insight via BLE

1. One of the major causes of this problem is that people - while in the mobile app - hold their finger on the picture of the insight device on the screen of the phone instead of simply tapping the screen once. Holding your finger on the screen causes insight to DISCONNECT from the phone.  

2. Make sure that BT is enabled on your phone AND make sure that location services are enabled.

There is a known problem with BLE and location services on some Android 6.0 devices.

Here's how you enable Location for the insight app in Android.

Tap Settings

Then Apps

Then select the BSXinsight app

Scroll down a bit

Select Permissions

Enable Location


Also, turn on Location services globally in Android.

Tap Settings


Turn the switch on to enable all location services.


3. Due to how noisy the radio spectrum seems to be these days, we've noticed that it takes 3-4 tries for insight to connect to the phone via BT. The antenna on insight is at the bottom of the unit (the thin part). To help ensure a strong radio connection, hold this part directly next to the antenna of your phone. This significantly helps the pairing process. 

4. Finally, make sure you are using the latest version of the mobile app and the firmware. Please share with me which version of these you have.  This is how you update the firmware:


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