Connecting to a KICKR

Connecting to a KICKR

Several folks have asked about this.  The BSXinsight can indeed automatically control the power of a Wahoo KICKR.  Here's how to set this up.  

  • For coaches: we certainly cannot see how you are coaching your client so forgive us for saying the following - it's important to watch the athlete and ensure that they are executing the proper cadence or power based on what the mobile app is requesting them to do.  Don't let them deviate and tell them when they are doing so.  
  • When giving a test we recommend only using the insight, a KICKR, and a HR monitor while performing the test. Turn off all other devices. We've seen problems where insight attempts to control the KICKR while something else attempt to control it as well.
  • Make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on the KICKR. You can install the Wahoo app to your phone and then use it to update the firmware of the KICKR. This is very important to do.

For insight to control the KICKR, you have to pair the insight sensor to the KICKR via ANT+. Doing so is briefly mentioned here:

Here is additional information for how we setup the insight to control the KICKR in our lab from one of our techs.  

Connect the insight to the phone.

Then, I sit down next to the KICKR and I spin it with my hand to turn it on.

Then, I press the pair option in the insight app to pair a power meter and I hold the insight sensor (yes, the actual sensor) right near the back wheel-looking-thing on the KICKR. This keeps the antennas of the insight sensor and the KICKR close.

Wait for a Wahoo KICKR icon to show on the mobile app while you keep holding the insight antenna next to the back of the KICKR. BE PATIENT! It can take up to 2 minutes for this to show (this is a limitation from Wahoo).  The icon shows on the pair-insight-screen at the bottom in the field which shows which power device is connected to insight.

When it does, this means that the power of the KICKR will be controlled by the insight mobile app.  You'll know this because on the screen in the mobile app that shows the circle of what the power output should be, you will see a small phrase that says *Controlled*.


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