Not Transferring Data From Mobile To Cloud

Not Transferring Data From Mobile To Cloud

The mobile phone app must have an internet connection at all times.  If this connection is ever interrupted, you could receive an error during your test or at the end of the test when the app is trying to send data to the cloud.  

Here is how to reduce the chances of this problem from occurring.  

  • Keep the insight device near all of its connected devices (HR mon, cadence, power, and mobile phone / tablet).  
  • Don't let your athlete walk away from the test with the insight device strapped on their calf.
  • Make sure that the phone / tablet processes the data and pushes it to the cloud while the athlete remains on the treadmill / trainer and while the phone / tablet is right near the athlete.
  • Shut down all other devices that could be attempting to affect the test. We've had problems, for example, when other devices attempt to change the power or cadence while insight is attempting to do the same. When we conduct tests, we turn off all non-essential devices and hence only use insight, HR mon, cadence / power, and a mobile phone / tablet - nothing else.
  • Always keep the mobile phone / tablet at the site of the test and very close to the insight device (such as on the bars or on the shelf of the treadmill).  Don't move it until the test is complete and the data has been sent to the cloud and you see a result.


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